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Logan Paul confirms that he has the “most convincing UFO video ever”

Logan Paul, the YouTuber and boxer who is no stranger to controversy, has stirred up a new sensation online by confirming that he secretly recorded a UFO video that is widely regarded as the most convincing proof of alien existence ever captured on film.

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The 28-year-old internet star revealed the truth on his Impaulsive podcast on Tuesday, after UFO documentary maker James Fox had spilled the beans on The Joe Rogan Experience a few weeks earlier.

Paul corroborated Fox’s story that he had tried to buy the video from a man named Chuck Clark in Nevada for a whopping $100,000 in cash, but was turned down.

Paul said that after he was denied the purchase, he resorted to a cunning plan.

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“What do you want from me bro, I’m a sneaky little f–k,” Paul joked on his podcast. He explained that he had asked to watch the video and then secretly filmed it with a hidden camera.

“I offered him $100,000 for this tape after I had seen it. Let me tell you this, he should have f–king taken the money because I got the footage anyway,” Paul said.

Paul defended his actions by arguing that the video did not belong to Clark either, and that he was doing a public service by exposing it. He claimed that the original filmmakers had given the video to Clark and expected him to keep it to himself.

“It’s not his footage. He is keeping what I thought at the time, important UFO, alien, extraterrestrial proof in his possession and not showing it,” Paul said.

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“Like why? I think that is doing a disservice to the world. That’s not going to do it for me, you are being selfish.”

Paul said he was hesitant to release the video to the public, but he wanted to show it to Bob Lazar, a notorious figure who alleges that he worked on reverse-engineering alien spacecraft for the US government in the 1980s. Lazar also appeared on Rogan’s show in 2019.

Paul said he was still hopeful that the video was genuine, citing some features of the UFO’s behavior that he observed. He noted that some of the things he saw in the video were impossible to fake with the visual effects technology available in 1995, when the video was supposedly filmed.

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