Loch Ness Monster was spotted ‘600 miles from home’

NessieRecently, a peculiar shape in the water that resembled the Loch Ness Monster’s appearance was spotted off the Somerset coat on Sunday by eagle-eyed members of the public, reports

At the weekend, Anna Purse and her six-year-old daughter were spending a day at the beach in Clevedon when she noticed something odd at sea.

The object, she noted, looked an awful lot like Scotland’s famous loch monster.

“Myself and my six year-old daughter Grace were walking along the seafront on Sunday and were sitting on one of the benches before the pier,” she said.

Image Credit: Twitter / Anna Purse

“The shape was right next to the pier and I noticed it moving. It moved all the way along the sea in front of us whilst we were sat there.”

“My daughter Grace said it looked like a sea monster. Just the shape of it reminded me of Nessie.”

Several other visitors to the region reported seeing something strange in the water and shared pictures on social media, indicating Purse wasn’t the only one who saw the alleged creature that day.

Whether it was a living being or just a log remains unclear.

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