Loch ness sighting

Loch Ness Monster? Huge eel-like creature filmed in the Ness River

Loch ness sightingA video recently appeared showing how a large snake animal swims from Loch Ness.

The hypothesis that some sightings of the legendary Loch Ness Monster from Scotland can be ascribed to big eels in the water has gained some boost this week thanks to a latest video that seems to demonstrate a rather big eel-like creature passing through the river Ness’s muddy waters.

Loch Ness is linked to the ocean through two rivers-the Ness River and the Caledonian Canal, which means that animals from the sea can enter the loch.

A salmon can be seen in the video swimming in the foreground while the eel (or whatever it may be) can be seen passing in the background from left to right, scarcely visible against the gloom.

It is thought that the eel moves from Loch Ness to the ocean, judging by the water flow.

It’s hard to determine how big it is, but it seems to be fairly big from the video.

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