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Like in the biblical plague: strange insects have taken over New York

New York has come under the spotlight due to an unusual invasion of strange green insects that have invaded the city and caused a wave of panic among its residents.

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According to the New York Post, some locals even compared the event to the “biblical plague”, adding a touch of mysticism to the mysterious phenomenon.

Eyewitnesses describe these winged insects as tiny and green in color. Experts, in turn, assure that this is one of the types of aphids.

However, even with this explanation, some residents cannot contain their imagination, associating this invasion with the catastrophic events of the past.

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Some social media users do not miss the opportunity to joke about this topic, comparing what is happening in New York with the “executions of Egypt.”

Recall that the United States recently faced a wave of smog caused by fires in Canada. Thus, taken together, these natural disasters evoke intricate associations and hints of a “sinister end” for some observers.

People posted videos and asked on Reddit what the insects could be. Wonder no more — they are known as aphids.

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“The interesting thing about aphids is they are typically parthenogenetic, which means the females give rise to females so their populations can explode under the right environmental conditions,” said Jody Gangloff of Cornell University.

Entomologists and environmental experts emphasize that these insect infestations are not uncommon and may be driven by a variety of factors, including climate change and seasonal migration.

“While this may be annoying, these insects do not present a known public health risk,” the New York City Department of Health said in a statement. “We are looking into these bugs and will share any important health information.”

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