Life may be a computer game controlled by aliens, new UFO documentary

The new UFO documentary God Versus Aliens, looks into whether life as we know and perceive it is just a simulation designed and controlled by extra terrestrials for some unknown purpose.

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It’s called Simulation Theory and suggests that life is basically some sort of computer game. The Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed this in 2003 and it even has Elon Musk as a believer – he states that the odds of us actually living in a “real” physical reality are a billion to 1!

This theory would then make religion and even the idea of God as a construct of the computer game and thereby the Aliens controlling it. This films explores this theory and its impact on the world’s religions should we make first contact, and especially if that contact would actually negate our physical existence and any notion of God as real.

The film also features exclusive interviews with some of the world’s leading UFO experts including Nick Pope who used to run the UK’s UFO desk for the Ministry of Defence.

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He looks into whether ETs would bring their own religions and what would happen if they were really crazy out there religions – would they impose them on us in a reverse colonialism.

Other interviewees include Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University, Seth Shostak the Chief astronomer from SETI (Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) who was also the scientific adviser on the hit Jodie Foster film Contact, Tony Topping an alleged UFO abductee, and the Rev Daniel Thompson who said: “First contact with ET will make people’s heads explode!”

The film investigates evidence for previous visitations form the Bible and other ancient texts as well as exploring what role AI would have in the search for ET and whether alien life would also use AI to make contact with ourselves.

Professor Avi Loeb states that extra terrestrial AI may form a kinship with human AI and bypass humanity altogether.

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The film’s highlights include an interview with an Alien Abductee – Tony Topping – who claims to have been taken by Aliens since childhood and states that there are many types of aliens and that: “The Universe is populated and we are being lied to.”

Both Tony Topping and Author Brian Allan assert that there is a secret organisation involved called The Collins Elite who work alongside the Aliens and help cover up the abduction phenomenon.

New UFO documentary God Versus Aliens – now streaming on Tubi & Ayozat looks into whether life is just a simulation designed and controlled by extra terrestrials.

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