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Legendary ‘Excalibur’ sword, lodged in rock for 1,300 Years, vanishes mysteriously

The ancient sword known as Durandal, which has been a symbol of Rocamadour’s heritage for over a millennium, has vanished from its resting place.

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The sword, which was believed to be indestructible and had been embedded in solid rock, was a relic of historical significance and a cornerstone of local folklore.

The tale of Durandal dates back to the age of chivalry, where it was said to be wielded by the valiant knight Roland, a figure of French legend.

Gifted to Roland by the great emperor Charlemagne, the sword was reputed to possess the extraordinary ability to cleave boulders in twain. Its origin is shrouded in divine mystery, as legend has it that Charlemagne received the sword directly from celestial hands.

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For centuries, Durandal has been lodged in a rock face, soaring 32 feet above the ground in the picturesque clifftop village of Rocamadour. However, on a seemingly ordinary Monday, the sword’s absence was noted, leading to a flurry of concern and the commencement of a police inquiry.

Positioned high above the ground in an area known for its security, the question arises: how could such a heist have been executed? The minds of many are racing with theories, yet no conclusive evidence has surfaced.

The mayor expressed the collective sentiment of the village, stating that the loss of Durandal is akin to losing a piece of the village’s soul.

“Rocamadour feels stripped of a part of itself,” the local mayor told La Depeche. “Even if it is a legend, the destinies of our village and this sword are linked.”

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