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Last man on Moon saw mysterious ‘bright flashes’ during landing

The last astronaut to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan, claimed to have seen incomprehensible “bright flashes” that “spun”. This happened in 1972 on the fourth day of the presence of astronauts on the moo, reports

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NASA is currently about to send a new generation of astronauts to the Moon, but the last astronaut to visit the Earth’s natural satellite has warned scientists about the strange phenomena he observed during his trip.

Gene Cernan claims to have seen a series of “bright flashes” on the Moon. The team of astronauts who went to the moon also included Jack Schmitt and Ronald Evans.

Gene Cernan

Despite the fact that they noticed something inexplicable, NASA is still going to return to the moon as part of the Artemis mission in pursuit of “scientific discoveries” and “economic benefits.”

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Concerns over the bright flashes being an engine light were dismissed by fellow astronaut Schmitt, who said that his “commander doesn’t think that I can see the engine bell” from his position.

Flight audio logs showed Cernan’s exact words, where the astronaut was heard saying, “I don’t know. They’re alike in intensity and pretty regular in the – in the intensity, bright and dim flashes they come out with, and they’re widely separated.”

Gene Cernan talked about a “bright flash” and a “spinning” object that he could not identify.

NASA reports that an astronaut saw part of an ejected rocket that may have reflected sunlight during the flight.

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UFO researchers are confident that an astronaut who has undergone many years of training will be able to distinguish a rocket from an incomprehensible phenomenon.

Since ancient times, people have believed that the moon is inhabited. The first such mention of the “lunar inhabitants” dates back to 1064. A little later, the French astronomer Louville and the famous Galileo observed strange flashes on the Earth’s natural satellite.

Astronomers of that time recorded changes in craters on the Moon, movements of luminous objects on its surface, and some strange flashes.

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