Large-headed alien creature filmed in Fresno parking lot

The video (see below), uploaded on November 10, 2023, claims to show a strange creature with a huge head and a slender body moving around a parking lot in Fresno, CA, in the middle of the night.

The creature has a head that resembles an insect, and moves in a way that defies gravity and logic. It seems to be aware of its surroundings, as it avoids bumping into the parked cars. The video ends with the creature disappearing into the darkness, leaving behind a trail of mystery and speculation.

The narrator of the video compares the Fresno footage to another famous case of an alleged alien creature captured on tape in Metepec, Mexico, in 1994.

But is it really an alien visitor, or just another elaborate prank? And if it is an alien, what is its purpose and origin? Is it friendly or hostile? And why did it choose Fresno as its destination?

These are some of the questions that UFOvni2012 and its viewers are trying to answer, as they analyze every detail of the video and look for clues. Some commenters have suggested that the creature is a drone or a puppet controlled by wires or magnets.

Others have proposed that it is a mutated animal or a genetic experiment gone wrong. There are those who believe that it is a genuine extraterrestrial being that came to Earth for some unknown reason.

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Jake Carter

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