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King Charles can reveal truth about UFOs with one phone call

According to Nick Pope, King Charles has a direct line to individuals possessing in-depth knowledge about the UFO phenomenon, potentially positioning him as a catalyst for UFO investigations in the UK.

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The interest of the British royal family in UFOs is not a new phenomenon; the late Duke of Edinburgh, father of the current King, was famously intrigued by this subject and amassed an extensive collection of documents and materials related to UFOs.

Nick Pope, a former head of the UFO investigation department at the Ministry of Defense, suggests that a single phone call from King Charles could potentially unlock the mystery surrounding UFOs in the UK.

Such an action could galvanize UFO investigations in the UK, mirroring recent developments in the US, like the Congressional hearing earlier this year.

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In the event that the King prefers not to appear directly involved, he has the option to urge members of parliament to broach the topic instead. Pope expressed his views during an interview for an upcoming UFO documentary titled “The King of UFOs,” set to be released in November.

Pope emphasized, “Someone has to take the first step, and yes, it’s a significant and courageous move. You wouldn’t want to be the politician linked to flying saucers if the narrative takes that turn. However, politicians can be astute, especially when there is potential royal support, to frame their interest as a commitment to transparent governance or concerns about defense and aviation safety.”

He noted that this approach aligns with how US politicians handle the UFO topic, and it’s a valid and logical interest to hold, particularly when pilots and radar operators are coming forward with their accounts. The safety of flights is a paramount concern.

It remains uncertain whether King Charles genuinely wishes to pursue this topic or what level of interest he holds in it.

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