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King Charles allegedly piloted a prototype UFO, claims new UFO show

Nub TV a new UFO show on Ayozat TV, Channel 186 Sky and Tubi in the US investigates the claim that Prince Charles flew a prototype UFO in 1975

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Film-maker Mark Christopher Lee, who recently called on King Charles to help push for disclosure regarding UFOs, has stated that he has received testimony and evidence regarding the royal family’s interest in UFOs dating back to Earl Louis Mountbatten, Prince Phillip’s Uncle, who allegedly had a Ufo land on his Broadlands Estate.

This interest was then passed onto Prince Phillip who himself was regularly briefed on the latest Ufo news from his private secretary, and took a keen interest in the Rendelsham Forest case which has been dubbed as the “British Roswell.”

The show also investigate the outlandish claim from a former colleague of King Charles who alleges that they were both working on Project Serpico in Sandy Point in Canada during 1975.

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This alleged project was set up to investigate new forms of transport with particular reference to Tesla’s work on magnetism – the source also alleges that they had secured technology developed from the Germans after WW2 which itself was developed from a crashed UFO.

In 1975 whilst stationed in Sandy Point, Canada, Prince Charles was alleged to have actually flew one of these craft – a smaller UFO type vehicle that looked like a version of the Avrocar which was developed unsuccessfully in Canada in 1959.

Charles’ craft actually had 3 pilots with 3 pilot domes all encased in a heat sensitive glass dome to protect the pilots from the magnetic effects given off by the larger craft controlling their flight. The craft gave off a blue ionic flame and was able to submerse into the water.

The larger craft followed behind Charles and was controlling his craft’s flight by means of some form of electro magnetic force. The larger craft looked like a massive helicopter with long blades. The project was also testing submersible UFO type vehicles which could manoeuvre in both air and water.

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These had been tested in the Sandy Bay Area since the 1950’s and one of these experimental craft may have even led to the nearby famous Shag Harbour Ufo incident of 1967 where a low flying object was seen entering the waters of the harbour. The show have written to Buckingham palace for verification of this alleged event.

Lee continues:

“Following the testimony and evidence that I have received and the proven interest that his father and great Uncle had in UFOs, I again call on King Charles to put pressure both on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden to release the truth about UFOs.

“My source alleges that the craft, allegedly flown by King Charles, is part of the same technology that the US pilots have seen and engaged with in the recent Congress hearings.”

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The story is investigated in a new series of Nub TV coming to Ayozat TV, Channel 186 on Sky and on Tubi in the US from Tuesday 5th September.

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