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Killer whales deliberately rammed and sank a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar

Since 2020, a concerning trend has emerged in the Strait of Gibraltar area off the coast of Spain, where a pod of killer whales has been displaying aggressive behavior towards boats and yachts.

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The motivation behind this unusual behavior among killer whales remains a mystery. Typically, these marine mammals exhibit neutral behavior towards humans in the wild, refraining from aggressive encounters.

One theory suggests that an individual orca named Gladys may have been injured following a collision with an unidentified vessel. Subsequently, Gladys and her pod initiated a series of attacks on yachts, potentially as a form of retaliation against humans.

Reports indicate that Gladys, along with her pod of approximately 15 individuals, has been observed engaging in aggressive behavior towards ships in the vicinity of Gibraltar. It is presumed that they were responsible for the collision with and subsequent sinking of a yacht on May 12th.

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While killer whale attacks on boats are not uncommon, the severity of the incidents has escalated in this region. Over the span of four years, there have been around 700 documented attacks on boats and yachts, resulting in only a few sinkings. Unfortunately, individuals in this area have experienced particularly unfortunate encounters.

According to Reuters, the sailing yacht “Alboran Cognac,” measuring 15 meters in length and manned by two crew members, sustained damage during one of these encounters.

The crew members reported feeling significant impacts on the vessel’s side and near the steering wheel around 9 a.m. local time, followed by the onset of flooding within the interior.

Promptly issuing a distress signal, the crew members were fortunate to receive assistance from an oil tanker in the vicinity, which facilitated their rescue from the stricken yacht. Shortly thereafter, the abandoned vessel succumbed to the sea and sank.

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