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Kenyan witch unleashes swarm of bees on thieves

There was a dramatic incident in Kitengela, Kajiado county, on Wednesday when two women were attacked by a swarm of bees, allegedly for stealing from another woman, reports

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The two women were accused of stealing Sh100,000 from Aisha Salome, who was travelling from Kakamega county to Kitengela to open a business.

According to Salome, the two women boarded the matatu that she was travelling in and sat near her in the back seat. Upon arriving in Kitengela, Salome realised she had lost all her money. She then went to the Kitengela Police Station to report the matter.

Although she reported the theft to the police, it appears that the woman was unwilling to wait for authorities to track down the culprits. Instead, she sought the assistance of a witch doctor to deliver supernatural justice on her behalf.

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Salome said a relative had advised her to contact a town-based witch doctor in the hopes of recovering her money.


“I’m relieved to have all my money back. I was at a loss about what to do, as I had planned to open a business in Kitengela town, and that was all the capital I had,” said Salome.

Returning to the scene, the two women, still confronted by the swarm of bees, were accompanied by a large crowd that had gathered to witness the events unfold.

For over two hours, holding the stolen money, they wandered through the town until they reached the residence of a certain Wesonga, the witch doctor. They were escorted into a two-bedroom house by four men who were acting as Wesonga’s security personnel.

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The witch doctor performed his rituals, compelling all the bees to drop from the women who were shouting for help.

Wesonga said he had been contacted by Salome and decided to assist her in recovering the money. He said, “This is the work that I inherited from my father. It took me only three days to locate these two ladies who had stolen from Salome. From here, I will hand them over to the police so that they can be prosecuted.”

Following the dramatic incident, the two women were escorted to the Kitengela police station, where they were detained pending arraignment in a court of law.

Many social media users who shared videos on WhatsApp and other platforms wondered why similar interventions couldn’t be used against politicians who steal public money.

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As notes, this is not the first time that a sorcerer in Kenya has utilized a swarm of bees to solve a case as an eerily similar incident occurred last November following the theft of a man’s cow.

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