Jellyfish UFO actually flew over US base in Iraq, says former Marine

Former US Marine Corps intelligence analyst Michael Concoski previously served in Iraq, and he recently made a big claim about UFOs.

The other day, ufologist Jeremy Corbell published a video (see below) of a strange UFO similar to a jellyfish , saying that the recording was made in 2018 in Iraq, when the object flew over a US military base.

Concoski said in an interview with the American News Nation channel that the video with this jellyfish UFO was actually filmed in 2017, not 2018, and gave more precise coordinates – near Lake Hibernia in the Iraqi province of Anbar.

Concoski told that the leaked video had been taken with an aerostat, a blimp-like craft equipped with cameras and other sensors to look out for potential threats over the base.

“It kind of just ended up being like the ghost story of the base,” Michael told cable channel News Nation last evening.

“It didn’t seem to be posturing to threaten us at all,” Cincoski said, but added that the base was not taking any chances during this highly unusual nighttime encounter.

He revealed that he has heard from a fellow Marine “team member” who saw “multiple recordings of the ‘Jellyfish UAP’ with different durations” in Iraq.

“Some of the Marines were tasked to try to find it on night vision. They were looking for it with their other sensors and everything else that we had,” he said.

Cincoski also revealed that he had seen the full 17-minute version of the thermal imaging video which tracked the UFO as it appeared to glide over the base toward Lake Hibernia in Iraq’s Anbar province.

After 17 minutes, Cincoski said, the jellyfish UAP vanished over Lake Hibernia.

“They couldn’t find it,” Cincoski told News Nation in a remote interview.

“They kept an eye out,” he said, “but it wasn’t like we were scrambling to our defensive positions or anything like that.”

According to Corbell’s informants, the footage captures the ‘jellyfish’ craft from two different angles as it traverses a military base’s land and water. Remarkably, this elusive entity is visible solely through thermal cameras.

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