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Jason, My Indigo Child

The story Ann Andrews tells in “Jason, My Indigo Child” (Wild Flower Press, 2005) begins with a bang in July of 1987 on the occasion of her son’s fourth birthday at the family home in Kent, England.

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As the birthday party was winding down and a storm was gathering outside, there came a loud, insistent banging on the front door, which mysteriously stopped instantly the moment Jason’s father Paul touched the door to open it. There was no one there. Then, after some blindingly bright lightning and frighteningly loud thunder claps, Jason suddenly “opened his mouth and started to talk, pouring out an incredible stream of numbers—fantastic numbers, huge numbers, strange algebraic configurations, mathematical terms like ‘pi’ and ‘binary codes’ all spewed out of the mouth of this four-year-old boy who normally struggled to count up to ten.”

This served as an introduction to the Andrews family of a phenomenon that would come to consume their lives, bringing with it both terror and enlightenment, and changing forever their understanding of what is real and what is not.

Even before the birthday party incident, Jason complained of nightmares, nightmares so vivid that he insisted they were real. Yet typically, his parents were at first unwilling to believe what he had to say. Over the next several years, he was taken to see psychiatrists, psychologists, and child behaviorists, as well as undergoing tests for sleep epilepsy and brain malfunction, all to no avail.

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“The turning point for me,” Ann Andrews said in an interview conducted by email from her home in Lincolnshire, “was when we all watched the program on television about the use of hypnosis.”

The program featured a debate about the worthwhile uses of hypnosis. Was it merely a form of entertainment, or could it be used to overcome addictions such as smoking or to conquer various phobias? Then the program began a discussion of using hypnosis to recover hidden memories and recounted an example of what has become the familiar phenomenon of “missing time.” In this particular case, a man lost three hours on a routine 35-minute drive home from work.

At that point, Jason, now twelve-years-old, threw a china ornament at the television set. He missed, but the ornament shattered into a thousand pieces. With tears rolling down his cheeks, Jason called the abductee on the program “stupid” because the man wanted to recall his experience rather than being grateful to have forgotten it.

In the aftermath of the outburst, Daniel, Jason’s older brother, derisively explained to his startled parents that Jason had been abducted by aliens, like the man on the program, and that that fact should be painfully obvious.

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“Even at that point, though,” Ann said, “we were not convinced, but rather we believed that Jason believed it, and it was this belief of his which drove us to searching for books and information. We thought that the more we could learn about this subject of UFOs and aliens, then we would be better armed, as it were, to help our son. We were not ready for what we actually discovered; we could not believe the similarities between some of things Jason had been saying since he was first able to speak, and what we were reading. His story had not changed in all those years.”

Along with researching the subject in books and other media, the family also began a friendship with British UFO investigator Tony Dodd, one of many helpful kindred spirits they would meet along the way.

“And the rest, as they say, is history,” Ann said. “I would add, however, that we did not accept this situation just like that. My greatest regret in all this is that it took me [so many] years to accept it.”

Meanwhile, as Jason and his family struggled through the sometimes agonizing process of ET contact, other things just as strange were also happening on the family farm in Kent. The farm was located within a mile of Mereworth Army Base, and when the Andrews began to suffer the mysterious deaths of much of their livestock, the army took an interest in the problem. A drunken major would eventually confess to a neighbor of the family that the livestock deaths were due to a microwave experiment gone wrong and that salmonella poisoning had been used to cover the experiments up. The Andrews family was then ordered to abandon their property by the local authorities, who Ann believes were covertly acting under orders from the army. After years of wrangling with various uncooperative government officials, the family was eventually forced to leave the farm behind permanently and relocate to their present home in Lincolnshire.

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What was behind all this peculiarly human-based “high strangeness”?

According to Ann, “I believe that the powers that be resented the fact that ETs would want to interact with ordinary people. It all comes back to their power plays eventually. Perhaps they thought that by getting rid of us, that the ETs would start interacting with them. It could also be that the base at Mereworth has some sort of underground facilities, too, and I now feel that the deaths of our cattle and other animals were all connected to the military as well as—or instead of —the ETs. It could be that they were concerned that we might be affected by some sort of new technology they were using. After all, it’s easier to cover up animal deaths—which they did by blaming salmonella—than to explain human deaths.

“Jason was told by the wise beings who appear in preying mantis form,” Ann continued, “that there is some sort of portal near the farm which made it easier for them to connect with him and many times both he and I have been taken back to the farm by the ETs. So, maybe it’s a combination of all these things. I really don’t know and can only speculate. Suffice it to say that certain human agencies still keep an eye on us now from time to time, so maybe we’re making the powers that be a little bit nervous.”

Ann’s book contains numerous stories of Jason’s and her own experiences at the hands of the alien abductors. The years of research into the UFO phenomenon would lead them down many interesting and rewarding paths over the years, as well as helping the family to form lasting friendships with others devoted to learning the truth behind so much of the paranormal activity that seemed to follow the family wherever they went. The ETs seem to concentrate mostly on Ann and Jason, though husband/father Paul and Jason’s older brother Daniel are also part of the family abduction mix.

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“Daniel certainly still has certain abilities,” Ann explained, “which I know have something to do with the ETs and go back to when they were actually interacting with him. He has the ability to ‘know’ someone just by shaking hands with them. He can tell what sort of person they are, how their life has been so far, family stuff, etc. He would be worth his weight in gold probably to a big corporation in the recruitment department, but he won’t acknowledge this ability and sees it as a curse rather than a gift. We have no option but to respect his wishes, and I do understand. People in this country are so narrow-minded about such things, and Daniel’s life revolves around his family and many, many friends. I can see that he wouldn’t want to jeopardize this. Daniel has chosen to live his life without involvement—for the moment—from the ETs.”

The role of Ann’s husband Paul is a little different.

“Paul is totally supportive of all of us,” she said, “and there are many times when I personally wouldn’t have been able to get through the day without him. I believe that it is his job to keep us all grounded. It’s so easy either to become complacent with this subject or to read ET stuff into otherwise ‘normal’ situations. He is the balance. He’s very rational and very down to earth. He says what he thinks. He accepts the truth of our ongoing situation although he acts as a great emotional and practical anchor in a way. I don’t believe that he will be ‘allowed’ to become totally immersed in this subject, which is why he will often fall asleep when the subject is discussed. He’s not bored; he wants to know more—but again I don’t think he will be ‘allowed’ because his job is to keep us all grounded.”

Keeping grounded would be difficult even under the best of circumstances. How does one assimilate the continual weirdness into a real-world family life?

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“It’s not been easy,” Ann answered. “I started keeping a diary so that I could record everything that happened. This was so that I didn’t miss any details and also because it was like a release for me, a form of therapy, if you like. However, I do spend a lot of time on my own because Paul has to work away for part of the week, and I will admit that it is so easy to put on a brave front in broad daylight, but sometimes when things happen during the night and I’m alone in a country house miles from anywhere, I’m anything but calm!

“The one thing that I think about is that, after all these years, I’m still here. This one thing keeps me going. It doesn’t stop me being terrified sometimes, and I know that I’m probably my own worst enemy at times, but I get through it because I have no other choice. With some things, it’s easy to file them away in the back of your mind, and try and hide from them, forget about them. But they will always reemerge at some stage and I know that I will have to deal with them—at some stage.”

Speaking of terror, what is it like to be mother to a son who can read your mind, among other things?

“You have to understand,” Ann said, “that when Jason was growing up, until his early teens, he was terrified of his experiences. It wasn’t until he started to overcome his fears and listen to ‘them’ that he started realizing his abilities—abilities that he says everyone has but which are just lying dormant. Over the last few years, he has really excelled in what he does, although his mind reading can be quite frustrating at times. It means that you can’t keep secrets.

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“When he lived at home, we put a combination lock on the phone to stop him running up our phone bill, but it was pointless. He would just stare at us and knew the combination. Just a few weeks ago, we bought him a new suit for his Christmas present, and he came round to ask if he could have his new suit to go to a party before Christmas. He doesn’t even live here, but he knew. He even asked his Grandmother to change the DVD player she had bought him for a different model—which landed us in trouble because she was convinced that we had told him about her surprise! We have friends who are abductees and Jason will sit and talk with them and tell them answers to questions they haven’t yet asked. He doesn’t flaunt his ability, other than to wind his parents up occasionally, but he says it’s handy sometimes to know the truth of someone’s intentions.”

In addition to being a proven mind reader, Jason also has healing powers that he sometimes uses for people in dire need. And he seems to move continually, although with some difficulty, between the alien and human planes of reality.

“If you ever met Jason,” Ann said, “you would see that he is totally normal in every way. He will drive you mad with his incessant chatter about his cars, one thing he truly loves, and when people have met him for the first time, they wonder how he can be this person they’ve heard so much about. However, talk to him about this subject and you will see his whole persona change as he takes on a different part of himself. The true being will emerge.

“It’s hard to explain,” she continued. “It’s not like he’s schizophrenic or anything like that, but another side of him takes over almost, and, since he was a small child, he can still talk about things which go completely over my head. He learnt a long time ago that to live here, he needs to blend in. He considers that ‘reality’ doesn’t exist, but to survive in his current human form, he has learnt to adapt to what is expected of all human kind.”

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When asked if the strange events have continued and whether she had had any new experiences she felt like talking about, Ann replied, “Things have been pretty quiet of late, although we have had several sightings—both of lights above the house and figures around the property—that have been witnessed by family and friends. The huge field to the front of the house is still quite menacing, although I feel that whatever is out there cannot cross the boundary of the house. There are some things which have gone on recently which are quite bizarre, but I would prefer to research these a little before mentioning them.”

While things are relatively quiet now, what does the future hold? Where is it all going to lead?

“The purpose? Change now, before it’s too late,” Ann said. “I know that for me personally, these abductions and the ET situation have changed my life. I was content with my life before all this, but it has opened up the whole universe to me. I now look to follow a more spiritual path, though not a religious one, and I ‘see’ and understand so much more, things that I had always unquestioningly accepted and taken for granted. I feel that mankind will only have a future if we start to think for ourselves and accept that we are all connected to Source, [what some might call] God.”

And finally there is Jason once again.

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“Jason is a ‘walk-in,’” Ann said. “I know that and accept it, but he’s still my son, the little boy I raised so lovingly and to whom I taught right from wrong and family values. I know him and love him in this ‘reality’—whatever it is.

“Yet I know and understand the universal side of him, too. I accept that he has a job to do here and I feel privileged that I can help him in this. I love my sons very much, and am very proud of both of them, yet I feel a different sense of pride for Jason and I appreciate the trust he has in both Paul and me—his parents—to help him in his work in any way we can. I just hope Jason is right and that the world is ready to listen and accept him now.”

By Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist”. Casteel is the author of “UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time,” “Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming,” and “Our Alien Planet, This Eerie Earth,” coauthored with Tim Beckley. All three books are available online at and Filament Books.

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