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Japanese lawmakers urge serious investigation into UAP sightings

Japanese lawmakers are urging the nation to take UFO sightings seriously, asserting that these unidentified objects could be surveillance drones or weapons.

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A newly formed non-partisan group, which includes over 80 members and former defense ministers, aims to enhance Japan’s capabilities in detecting and analyzing Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), commonly referred to as UFOs.

While UFOs often evoke images of “little green men,” the issue has garnered significant political attention in the United States.

Last year, Washington announced it was investigating 510 UFO reports, a significant increase from the previous year. In September, NASA emphasized the need to shift the discussion from sensationalism to scientific inquiry.

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Japanese parliamentarians aspire to align domestic perceptions of UAPs with those of the United States, especially following several security scares involving suspected surveillance operations.

Former defense minister Yasukazu Hamada criticized the complacency towards unidentified phenomena, stressing the importance of addressing these mysteries rather than ignoring them.

Recently, Japan’s defense ministry faced embarrassment when unauthorized footage of a docked helicopter destroyer circulated on Chinese social media, following an apparent drone intrusion at a military facility. Additionally, the ministry strongly suspects that recent sightings of flying objects in Japanese skies were surveillance balloons from China.

Yoshiharu Asakawa, an opposition MP and key member of the investigative group, noted that UFOs have historically been viewed in Japan as an “occult matter” unrelated to politics. He warned, however, that if these objects are actually advanced weapons or disguised spying drones, they could pose a serious threat to national security.

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In 2022, the US Defense Department established the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to study UAPs. An AARO report identified the region from western Japan to China as a “hotspot” for UAP sightings between 1996 and 2023. Despite thorough investigation, the report found no evidence of alien technology or any government cover-up.

The Japanese lawmakers are advocating for the creation of a Japanese counterpart to AARO and the strengthening of intelligence cooperation with the United States to better address the potential security risks posed by UAPs.

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