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Japan wants to find out if UFOs are some kind of modern secret weapon

Japan has created a working group to investigate UFO sightings after a Pentagon report published last year identified the country as a “hot spot” for the appearance of unidentified anomalous objects, reports Gizmodo.

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The working group to investigate sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, better known as UFOs, includes numerous parliamentarians, including former representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

The working group is no longer concerned with finding proof of the existence of aliens, but speculates that these phenomena may be drones or advanced secret weapons. This means that these objects may pose a threat to Japan’s national security.

One of the group members said that although UFOs are usually viewed as extraterrestrial, there is a possibility that they are actually weapons or disguised spy drones that could pose a significant threat.

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Japan was named as the center of unexplained UFO activity in a report published by the US Defense Department last year. He is investigating observations of unidentified phenomena. Since then, Japan has become increasingly interested in UFO research.

Japan’s efforts mirror similar efforts made by the United States and other Western countries in recent years. Last summer, the US Congress held hearings on the topic of UFOs, during which several former Pentagon officials said that the US government was hiding much data about these phenomena from the public.

Last year, based on data collected on UFO sightings between 1996 and 2023, a Pentagon report called Japan a “hot spot” with a high number of unidentified flying objects. Later, another Pentagon report stated that there was no indication that UFOs were extraterrestrial objects.

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