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Japan strangely attracts UFOs, Pentagon data show

New data released by the Pentagon confirm that Japan has become a focal point for sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

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The Pentagon has made data available to the public, covering a period of 27 years from 1996 to 2023. This information reveals that western and southern Japan have emerged as significant “hot spots” in the field of ufology.

An interactive map is now accessible on the All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website, illustrating prominent UFO sighting locations.

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Notably, regions near Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where the United States dropped atomic bombs in 1945, have become primary areas where UFOs are frequently observed.

In the realm of ufology, the term “hot spots” designates regions where UFO sightings occur with a high frequency.

Of particular interest is Iino-machi, situated in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima. This city has transformed into a veritable “UFO City.” The city administration has capitalized on this phenomenon by creating various UFO-themed amenities and attractions, with the aim of drawing in seekers of the unknown.

However, this goes beyond mere marketing tactics. Fukushima is also home to the International UFO Laboratory, which claims to have received nearly 494 reports of mysterious sightings in the past year alone.

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Nonetheless, Japan is not the sole country garnering the Pentagon’s and ufologists’ attention. As depicted on the map, other regions associated with nuclear incidents, military presence, or conflicts, such as Iraq, Syria, and the southeastern United States, have also become frequent sites of UFO sightings.

These data are consistent with statements about increased UFO activity near nuclear facilities, especially after World War II. This explains the increased interest in Japan, where something amazing and mysterious seems to be happening.

The Pentagon continues to investigate these phenomena, and perhaps further discoveries will make it possible to understand the connection of UFOs with Japanese history and other key world events.

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