“It’s the same as summoning a demon”: Elon Musk warns of the danger of AI creation

Elon Musk, an American billionaire, said that artificial intelligence (AI) will be smarter than anyone by 2025 and that we are waiting for changes that are difficult to imagine.

Musk believes that in the future, people will no longer be the smartest on the planet, and the world will become an even more unstable and dangerous place. The development of artificial intelligence will lead to dramatic changes in society.

In an interview with the New York Times, Musk revealed that we are at the turn of the moment when AI will become smarter than humans. In his opinion, this should happen within the next five years, but this does not mean that the whole world will collapse.

In a speech he gave in 2014, Musk likened AI creation to “summoning a demon” and warned to be very careful with it.

“The person who creates the AI is like a summoning demon exorcist who is confident that he can control it. However, this is only an illusion, and everything can happen the other way around”, he said.

He warned that AI could, for example, provoke World War III, and in the end the machines will win. People underestimate the capabilities of AI, which will be significantly smarter than the smartest person on Earth. The human will be relative to the AI at the same level as the chimpanzee is relative to the human.

Musk emphasizes the need to establish certain rules at the national and international levels. This will allow us to control the process and at any time to understand that we will not do something stupid. The lack of regulated oversight is insane.

Earlier, the billionaire stated that we are all in a matrix that is created by some advanced mind or AI, and this program has been malfunctioning lately.

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Jake Carter

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