It will become more difficult for aliens to hide from earthlings from 2028

Australia and South Africa have started the long-awaited construction of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) radio astronomy observatory.

It is expected that this grandiose structure will come into operation in 2028. The most powerful tool for space exploration costs 1.3 billion euros, but astronomers hope it will help open up many secrets of the universe.

The SKA telescope will be powerful enough to detect very faint radio signals emitted by cosmic sources billions of light years away from Earth, those signals emitted in the first billion years of the Universe (more than 13 billion years ago) when the first galaxies and stars started forming.

Scientists plan to study the expanses of deep space using thousands of “dishes” and about a million antennas with low-frequency signals. Scientists hope to use these powerful tools to find and explore habitable planets.

Previously used methods of searching the Universe for signals from brothers in mind have not yet yielded any results. Either our signals are too weak and primitive, or the “brothers” simply do not consider it necessary to communicate with us.

Nothing to talk about? It may well be, if these are really highly developed civilizations. We ourselves do not have a particularly high opinion of ourselves, and for aliens, perhaps, earthlings are completely “savages”.

We cannot even imagine what means of communication they use. Let’s imagine that someone got a few centuries ago, in the past, and is trying to use a mobile phone. After all, they can be burned at the stake for such “witchy things.”

In any case, the new instrumentation will give more chances to make themselves known and simultaneously track the likely signals of the inhabitants of other “lands”. Perhaps the UFO phenomenon will become clearer.

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