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Reader’s story: It Comes at Night

This is a true story from my granny Tant. It happened to her mother when she was a little girl.

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My great grandmothers mother died of pneumonia when she was young. She was the oldest of the children and had to help her father take care of them. He found a job that required for him to work at night. So he’d leave my great grandmother to watch after her younger siblings.

One night her brother came bolting in saying this white thing had tried to get him as he came through the door. My great grandmother got the lantern and looked out on the porch and this white thing made a dive at her.

They saw from the lantern light that this thing was 5 feet tall and walked on two legs. It had a tail that drug the ground. It was pacing back and forth in front of the door. They were scared and couldn’t sleep and said this thing didn’t disappear until before daylight. When her father came home they told him. He assured them that there couldn’t be no such thing and assured them they would be alright.

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Then the next night this thing once again made a dive at the kids as they tried to enter the house. They watched again pace back and front of the door till just before daylight. This went on every night. Finally her Dad saw what dire straights his children were in so he got on his knees and prayed that this thing that scaring his children would go away and leave them in peace. After he did that it never returned.

My great Aunt Nanny told us they never figured out what this thing was. What it wanted or what happened to it.


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