Near Death Experiences

It became known that people feel and see before death

Near Death ExperiencesExperts from Denmark, Norway and Germany found that about 10% of people have near-death experiences. The study was conducted with the participation of 1034 people from 35 countries.

During the observations, it was found that 87% of people had a distorted perception of time, 65% talked about speeding up the thinking processes, and 63% experienced a strong exacerbation of feelings.

Almost half of the respondents also noted that they remembered the sensation of being outside the body.

Someone saw angels, someone saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and someone just was in a state of absolute rest.

There were individuals who claimed the demon, sat down allegedly on their chest.

Generally, a lot of people feel like there is someone next to them.

Scientists argue that these phenomena may be associated with the phase of REM sleep, but not all people agree with this statement.

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