Is Time Travel Possible? Current Ideas On Travel To the Future and Past

Time Travel has been a favorite subject for science fiction enthusiasts. Yet scientists do have an idea on how it can be done. Some of these ideas will be discussed. An interesting article in Scientific American Reports’ special Astropohysics edition , written by Paul Davies, discusses how it could be possible to build a time machine. The theories on how this is possible already exist, however the implementation of these is beyond our current scientific abilities. The following explains some of the current theories and concepts. Time isn’t constant Most people believe that everyone experiences time in exactly the same…

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of, a website he created in 2013.