Is there a ghost haunting the Concorde at Bristol’s Aerospace Museum?

A woman who attended a film event at the Aerospace Museum claims she saw a ghostly face in the cockpit of the Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, reports

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Caroline Harding, from Staple Hill, was watching Top Gun: Maverick as part of Bristol’s Film Festival on March 21, when she snapped a photo of the iconic plane.

She did not notice anything unusual until she got home and looked at the picture more closely. To her surprise, she saw what looked like a man sitting in the pilot’s seat, even though no one was allowed to enter the plane that night.

Image: Caroline Harding

Caroline said: “It was very creepy to see that face when I knew there was no one there. I don’t really believe in ghosts, but it made me wonder if there could be some connection to a former Concorde pilot or something like that.”

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She added that the face bore a striking resemblance to her grandfather, who was also a pilot. She sent the photo to her mother, who agreed that it looked like him. “There’s a specific image I can think of, of him in his uniform and it looked very much like my grandpa,” Caroline said.

Image: Caroline Harding

Caroline believes that the face was probably caused by a reflection of light or some other optical illusion. However, she admitted that it was a strange coincidence that it happened at the Aerospace Museum, which is home to many historic aircraft and stories of aviation.

The Concorde Alpha Foxtrot was the last of its kind to fly and retired in 2003. It is now on display at the museum, where visitors can explore its interior and learn about its history. The museum also hosts various events throughout the year, including film screenings and workshops.

Could there be a ghost haunting the Concorde at Bristol’s Aerospace Museum? Or is it just a trick of the light? You can decide for yourself by visiting the museum and taking your own photos. Just don’t be surprised if you see something unexpected in the cockpit.

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