Is the rise in UFO sightings a harbinger of World War III?

The world has witnessed a surge in UFO sightings in recent years, sparking curiosity and speculation among the public and the media. But what if these mysterious phenomena are not just harmless curiosities, but signs of an impending global conflict? Historians and ufologists have suggested that there is a link between UFO activity and major wars, especially World War II. They point to the numerous reports of “foo fighters”, strange lights and objects that followed and harassed Allied and Axis pilots during their missions. These sightings were so frequent and widespread that they were investigated by both sides, who suspected…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer on extraordinary topics. She has a passion for delving into the realms of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and the enigmatic.

Zoe has a degree in journalism and a keen interest in history, mythology and folklore. She believes that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that the truth is often stranger than fiction.