Haunted property

Is my Property Haunted?

Haunted propertyOver the last twenty years, we have seen a huge increase in all paranormal subject areas. Investigation groups have sprung up all over the place and reality television featuring hauntings, investigations, etc., are a nightly event.

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While there is a lot of concern surrounding this type of ‘entertainment’, the upside is, it is opening peoples’ minds to the possibility that there may be another world and occupants from that other world may be penetrating our world.

So what is a haunting? Are there different types of hauntings? Can it really happen or is mere imagination running wild? Haunting is when there is a visit, presence or activity and where the cause of these goings-on cannot be attributed to any earthly activity. The range or extent of the events can be vast.

From rapid changes in temperatures, without just cause, noises that are cannot be accounted for or people feeling afraid or uncomfortable for no reason. There are different types of hauntings. The majority should give the recipient nothing to fear, but unfortunately, so do.

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The main categories of hauntings are as follows. Firstly, events or occurrences which have somehow become impregnated into the very fiber of a building or area of land. Such as, a troop of marching soldiers periodically seen, usually in the same place, around the same time of year. These are not entities, or spirits, but merely life re-playing an event that occurred some time ago. You cannot communicate or interact it with it in any manner as for all intents and purposes it isn’t happening, it is a second showing.

Secondly, is where a relative or a former owner of the property pops in to visit. They mean no harm they are just dropping in to see how the family are or a reminiscent visit on their former home. Current occupants who are sensitive may see, sense or hear these visitors.

What we don’t know or understand will often frighten us. These beings are residents of the world of spirit and have merely called in. We will often see an increase in this type of activity when we are in crisis or need of support. They wish us no harm and will only stay for a fleeting moment and then they return back to their own world.

The final category is the one that may give us reason for concern. These are entities that have no connection with the current occupants of the house they may have taken up residence before or since the occupants moved in.

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It maybe someone who used to live in the property in the past, or live in a property that stood on the same piece or land or from close by. Or it may be an entity that has been un-intentionally made welcome through a device, such as an Ouija board.


There are many, many explanations for their presence here on earth. Some know there earthly life is over, but refuse to move on. Others may not realize that they are dead. They see you as the intruder, someone who is living in their home. This is often why they try to make a nuisance of themselves to try and drive you out.

What can these entities do to us? Very little really, except to frighten us. When we are in or feel fear we discharge large quantities of energy, the entities feed of this, which is why they will try and evoke fear in us, to produce the desired results.

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While there are very, very occasionally reports of assaults, these are very rare and are often associated with entities that have been invited here through board games. In most cases they will change the temperature in a room, quite noticeably. Bang, slam or knock objects off, turn lights on and off. Often there in no rhythm or reason to the activity, although they will often target the weakest or most sensitive member of the household.

Hauntings are often more common than we think. We do not need to worry about the first two categories as they are either not here or free to come and go as they wish and do not usually stay too long, usually just passing through.

On the other hand the third category may require some assistance to move on or out. There are many people who harmoniously sharing their personal space with such entities, providing they do not impinge on their lives or the lives of their families’.

But in cases where fear is being provoked, the odds are you have an unwelcome, unseen guest, which can be dealt with. What we have to be careful of is not letting amateurs play around and make the situation worse. There is nothing wrong with people wishing to carry out ghost hunts.

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Where it is an issue is where people try and evoke entities from different dimensions or they try in a haphazard manner to communicate or deal with such entities. Unless you are trained to deal with these beings and have developed the necessary psychic skills you are heading for disaster, if you try to deal with them. Leave it to the experts as you could make the situation ten times worse.

How do I know if I have a ghost in the house? Be mindful of events in and around your property. If you begin to feel fearful without reason, stop and try to understand what has triggered off this emotion. Try and find out what made you feel this way. Was it sound, sense or hearing? And if so where did it come from.

If it continues to happen then it is probably a true haunting not a visit or replay. Do not engage in mind conversations, or talk to it. Call for help or assistance. Go to your own church or find out your local spiritualist church. Until help arrives keep calm and ask your Guide to protect both you and your family until help arrives.

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