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Is Entire Universe Is Nothing More Than Thought Created by God?

Is it possible that reality is not what it appears through the five senses? Challenging the understanding of reality, science has begun to accept what spiritualists have always believed on a deep level.

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The Hermetic Laws suggests that whether it’s an atom, person, planet, star or galaxy, it follows the same principles. The seven principles are mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect and gender

Hermetic Laws support the idea that there is universal collective consciousness. It states that the entire universe is nothing more than thoughts in the mind of God.

Hermetic Principle – Law of Mentalism

The first Hermetic principle is that of mentalism, which states that the universe is mental. This principle suggests that everything one sees and feels is mental creations of the divine mind. Phrased differently, it’s believed that everything exists in the mind of God who “thinks” one into existence.

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According to this principle, all knowledge exists in God’s mind. Humans are not aware of “all knowledge” at any given moment because it would be too much for them to handle.

This principle suggests that the five senses and the brain act as much as filters as they do as sources of information. However, the Hermetic Laws suggest that one has the ability to slow the filtering process or even stop it. Perhaps this is what is meant by “enlightenment.”

Law of Correspondence as a Hermetic Principle

The second Hermetic principle is the law of correspondence. According to the principle, what is true on the macrocosm is also true on the microcosm and vice versa.

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One can learn the great truths of the cosmos by observing how they manifest in individual lives. The Hermetic Laws suggest that whether one is looking up into space or down into subatomic particles, they will discover the same basic truths.

Some physicists say they are discovering the law of correspondence in the holographic nature of the universe. The remarkable feature of a hologram is that if it is broken into any number of pieces the original picture is not shattered but duplicated.

This fact has led physicist David Bohm to suggest that at some deep level of reality, particles do not exist as separate entities but are extensions of the fundamental substance of the universe.

The Hermetic Law of Vibration

According to this principle, everything moves and vibrates with its own rate. Nothing is at rest. From solar systems to subatomic particles, everything is in motion.

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As demonstrated through Quantum Physics, even matter is not solid, as it appears to the five senses. What the brain interprets as solid and passive on the material level is actually restless with rhythm and motion. This suggests that the brain could indeed distort reality.

God universe

The Hermetic Principle of the Law of Polarity

Some say polarity is the key to power in the Hermetic system. According to this principle, everything is dual; all truths are half-truths; everything contains its opposite.

On the subatomic level particles are both continuous and discontinuous; energy and matter are different aspects of the same phenomenon. Physicist Niels Bohr calls this the principle of “complementarily,” which states that energy must be described as both particles and waves.

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Perhaps it is only by paradox that the great spiritual teachers in history been able to explain their insights. For example, Jesus said that the “first shall be last and the last shall be first,” and that “only by losing your life will you save it.”

Law of Rhythm in Hermetics

The law of rhythm suggests how these opposites move. According to the law of rhythm, the opposites move in circles. Like ocean waves, which contain millions of water droplets turning in circles.

Some creation stories say that the creator breathed the breath of life into matter and so life began. Is it only a metaphor? Some scientists say that the universe is always expanding and contracting. Could it be the entire universe breathes in and out? Ironically, breathing could be thought of as a circular movement, consisting of inhalation and exhalation.

The Hermetic Law of Gender

This principle states that everything has masculine and feminine components. It states that in all things there is a female and male energy, which the Chinese call yin and yang.

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This law is an important application of the principle of polarity. The polarity law maintains that all things contain their opposites.

Hermetic Principle – The Law of Cause and Effect

According to this law, nothing happens by chance, that for every effect there is a cause, and that every cause is itself an effect of something else. Seemingly innocent actions have cosmic repercussions, according to Hermetic Principles.

Perhaps the Hermetic Laws show that each event is a crossroads of all that went before and of all that will come after. Could it be that the universe is not a collection of physical objects, but rather a web between various parts of a unified whole?

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