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Insider info: In September, a giant asteroid may fall to Earth

On June 16, Israel News Live published a video message from its owner that a monstrous asteroid will soon hit our planet. Information about the disaster came from senior officials working at the Pentagon.

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Experts know about the impact and have been preparing for it for four months. It all started with the fact that NASA published the news about the passage of the Earth through a cloud of space debris. As a rule, all objects are usually attracted by Jupiter or other massive bodies, but not this time: all the planets are grouped in one region relative to the Sun.

It was expected that the fall of a large body will take place in April. Now, according to NASA, the collision is scheduled for September. Interestingly, the second wave of coronavirus is also expected in September.

Before continuing to analyze the rest of the facts, it is worth noting that Israel News Live is a very serious source that does not spread fake news.

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It is necessary to highlight very strange statistics on the number of asteroids, which are closer than the Moon.

On April 23, there were about forty of them, and in May they disappeared somewhere – there were only nine of them. Such drastic changes are not happening: obviously, NASA says nothing about statistics.

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