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Inside The Matrix Of The New World Order

A gay Florida dentist purposely infects six patients with HIV-AIDS in a bizarre form of serial murder, which leads to the frightening discovery that the killer disease is manmade!

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The current SARS epidemic is clearly a propaganda attack against China that presages all out war with the United States in the near future. Meanwhile, a possible cure for SARS is being outlawed by various federal agencies!

The New World Order has grown so confident in their mission that they boldly display their murderous intentions in colorful murals at the Denver Airport. The murals seem to prophesy a Nazi takeover of the United States and the genocidal martyrdom of certain spiritually blessed races and creeds, the righteous who are targeted for destruction!

An outpouring of the Divine spirit is taking place all over the world, and empowering people to realize their true potential as superhuman beings, exactly as the Bible predicted!

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Read all this and more in an exclusive “Conspiracy Journal” interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz By Sean Casteel.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has an impressive medical background that includes serving on the faculty at Harvard University. He is also the author of several books on the subject of medical conspiracies perpetrated by the New World Order in order to achieve complete control of the clueless masses through the use of media persuasion and the widespread fear caused by manmade diseases like AIDS and SARS.

Horowitz grew up in south New Jersey, and had the rare privilege of living in a town where his father was mayor, Pennsauken. He attended several prestigious dental schools before opening a successful practice in Gloucester, Massachusetts, which received attention from the national media for its groundbreaking multi-pronged, holistic approach to patient care.

But in 1993, he became embroiled in what he called “the battle of my professional career.” While he was employed by one of the top pharmaceutical and medical supply companies in the country, Horowitz became aware of the case of a Florida dentist who had infected at least six patients with the AIDS virus.

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“According to the government,” Horowitz said, “this was a nice guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, when I began to investigate, I found out everything the government was saying was royally bogus and easily disproved. I couldn’t believe that even some of my colleagues in public health were cited as co-authors of the official studies of the case that were being published and were absolutely ridiculous. I mean, you’re not even talking a level of pseudo-science. We’re talking about fraud and cover-up.”

Horowitz spent the next three years investigating the dentist, and turned up some surprising information.

“It had to do with the fact that the Florida dentist,” he said, “was a gay dentist who never came to terms with his homosexuality. He was highly unstable. He had a lot of trauma and abuse during his early childhood development. And ultimately, when I did an analysis of his personality profile, crime scene profile, and developmental history, using the FBI’s own methods and materials for investigating these types of serial killings, he matched 60 out of 62 total factors, virtually identically.

“So I published a couple of scientific reports,” Horowitz continued, “and then learned through that experience that the media often doesn’t really report the truth, and the government doesn’t tell the truth. I was subtly aware of it, but I was never really put into a situation where I would have to be confronted by it.”

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Horowitz said he was subsequently fired from his job, ostracized from the dental community and blacklisted from continuing dental education.

“I had this personality quirk,” he explained, “where, traditionally, if somebody told me I shouldn’t be doing something that I felt had merit, I would simply go ahead and do it and do it even more.”

Horowitz continued his investigation, and discovered a paper trail leading back to a 1970 Department of Defense appropriations request for $10 million to develop an immune system-ravaging microbe for germ warfare that was descriptively and functionally identical to HIV-AIDS.

“I found the United States government contracts,” he said, “under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bio-engineered by the U.S. Army’s sixth top biological weapons contracting lab.”

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According to Horowitz, “In 1970, [a very prominent pharmaceutical company] received some chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys from [the aforementioned Army biological weapons laboratory], from their monkey colonies in southeast Uganda. They got them off the plane in New York, and they took them back to their labs. They grew and cultured hepatitis-B viruses in the chimpanzees and then they subsequently injected the extracts from the live chimpanzees into the gay men in New York City and the blacks in Central Africa in order to prepare the 1974 hepatitis-B vaccine. Two hundred thousand doses were administered in late ’74 and early ’75, again to the same gay men in New York and blacks in Central Africa, mostly women.”

Horowitz made reference to Gerald Myers, a top DNA scientist with the American government, who called that mid-70s period “the Big Bang.”

“Myers said there was an extraordinary manmade event,” Horowitz recounted, “that caused not one AIDS virus to suddenly outbreak in Africa, but ten different strains simultaneously. So we’ve got the number one clear definitive origin of HIV-AIDS determined, and that’s an issue that still has yet to come to the forefront clearly.”

If it is a given that disease plagues like AIDS and Ebola are manmade in secret government laboratories, the question then becomes, why? What would motivate the New World Order to create these public health threats? How does it serve their purpose to kill people this way? Horowitz had a ready answer.

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“First of all,” he said, “we’re in a time where technological advances allow us to require fewer working slaves. But our current larger populations are harder to control. Smaller populations are simply easier to control. The fact of the matter is, they’ve determined an agenda for the 21st Century that calls for a form of human slavery in which people would not know they are enslaved. And so we’re seeing the creation of a new America, which is really Nazi America. It’s the rise of the Fourth Reich.”

Horowitz said that the first President Bush, on leaving office, had promised that the New World Order would be a kind and gentle thing for the people, with a thousand points of light.

“Well, I haven’t seen that this world has gotten any kinder or gentler,” Horowitz countered, “to your average Joe on the street, irregardless of what country you’re in. It’s become more fascist, more totalitarian, more controlled in every way you look at it. They’re taking out America ultimately in the Big Picture, because in the New World Order you haven’t got the capacity for nation states as you had previously. You have one world government, one world bank, and a one world health organization.”

Back on the medical conspiracy front, Horowitz and his associates also haven’t shied away from controversy regarding the latest medical plague, the SARS virus.

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“We developed a formula which could be an extremely effective treatment for SARS,” he said. “It’s based on not just herbal medicine and centuries of understanding in herbal medicine, dating back to the native populations on this continent, but it also deals with real hard, solid science. In recent days, the Food and Drug Administration and the FTC have issued warnings to myself and my colleagues around the United States who are engaged in developing any type of alternative treatments for SARS. They’ve put us on alert notice that we’re not only under scrutiny, but actions will be taken against us if we don’t comply with their demands. And I simply told them to go to hell. They have no jurisdiction in my book.”

Is SARS yet another manmade disease conspiracy?

“No epidemic in history,” Horowitz said, “has ever evolved divorced of major social and political upheaval. And what major social and political upheaval is associated with SARS? Well, you look at the relations between the United States and China. It’s looking like they’re setting up World War Four, World War Three being the Cold War. Basically, the Korean Peninsula is heating up. On the border of China, Afghanistan is still a hotbed of unrest. You’ve got India and Pakistan, on the border of China, basically going to war right now. You’ve got all the indications that America will be engaged in a war with China.

“So suddenly now,” he went on, “the SARS agent comes and devastates the economy of China. We’ve seen the spin doctors of the mainstream media claiming that the government of China is a suppressed, horrible government that’s been remiss in alerting public health officials around the world and the people to this current and growing threat of SARS and how terrible they are, yet we are a shining light of truth here in the United States. You know, that’s what the spin is. And yet all the indications that I have are that this SARS agent was created in a laboratory. It’s an attack against China. Certainly it’s a propaganda attack against China at a minimum, and it’s a political tool.”

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The kind of racism involved in the SARS plague is also a sad fact of organized religion, Horowitz said.

“It’s easy to get the ministers, like Jerry Falwell, et al, preaching the gospel. And part of their gospel is a hate message against gays and blacks and whoever else they’ve decided for their own political gain and coffers to attack that day. There’s so much about organized religion that falls by the wayside when you really consider the truth. It’s a sad, sad part of the global deception, what’s taking place in religions all around the world today. No religion has exclusivity on the blessings of the Creator, including salvation. And likewise no religion has exclusivity in being corrupt. They’re all deceived in the gross deception. They’re all corrupt. And they fit perfectly in a Babylonian world where all the governments are virtually run by the international ‘banksters.’”

The all-encompassing New World Order conspiracy and its insidious practices are changing mankind into something less than human, in spite of how people have an innate capacity to become something more.

“We’re becoming humanoids,” Horowitz lamented. “We’re not feeling people. The mass amount of people all over the world now have been poisoned, intoxicated. As a result, they are less superhuman than they have the capacity to be. You see, ultimately we’re all spiritual beings empowered by the Creator to be superhuman. But we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off, popping magic pills to cure every ill, and we’re not being who we really are.

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“Who we really are are magnificent, totally capable, totally worthy people manifesting not only full glorious health and prosperity, but essentially utilizing all of our skills to contribute something to humanity and other people. That’s the fabric that holds humanity together, social service. And so instead of focusing on all that, they’ve got us focusing on frights, fears, manipulations, coercions, enslavement.”

Perhaps a surprisingly open expression of the fears and coercions Horowitz describes can be seen in what would seem to be a most unlikely place: the baggage terminal of the Denver Airport. On his videos and in his books, Horowitz has gone over in detail a many-paneled mural on display there with shockingly graphic depictions of genocide and religious persecution. [Check out the videos by Dr. Horowitz on sale here in “The Conspiracy Journal” to see slides of the actual murals. You will certainly be amazed at their bold and open expression of evil.]

“The Denver murals I think are an expression of the devil-doers confidence,” Horowitz said, “in actually putting out their message in front of the public. I understand they have to, by compulsive commitment on a spiritual level. They have to put out what they do in such a way that they cannot be blamed for NOT telling people what they do. So they spin these types of manipulations and deceptions in the media through the arts and through the motion picture industry. They’re clearly representing their political and economic ideologies in the art as well as through the media, which they control.

“I think that there is again a compulsion to do this. I think that there is also an audaciousness about it. They’re very, very brave in what they put out without fearing that people are going to catch on to them and/or block their ultimate goals.”

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Horowitz began to describe one of the more shocking images from the mural.

“It shows a Nazi American warlord that’s gas masked,” he said, “and he has got an alien face. He’s dressed in Nazi attire. He’s also engaged obviously in Denver Airport, American soil. He’s got a machine gun in one hand, with a bayonet on it. In the other hand, he’s got a Muslim saber, and he’s sticking the dove of peace, the Christian symbol, with a Muslim saber. Again, here it is, in your face. They also have there, in the back of this image, a mass of dying and desperate and crying black and Hispanic populations, but very few whites. There’s only one white person depicted. And it’s very clear that it’s an image of genocide. There’s a woman holding, in the foreground, a dead baby, and they’re extremely saddened by the operations of the gas masked Nazi alien.”

There is a second section of the mural located diagonally across the hall from the main atrium of the main baggage terminal at the Denver Airport, having to do with extinct species.

“The extinct species,” Horowitz said, “are very clearly depicted against a horrific backdrop of flames and destruction. You even have what appears to be what the World Trade Center towers looked like after they fell. That type of scene in the background, and in the foreground you have children surrounded by extinct animals, from the American buffalo to the great sea turtle to the whale and other species that are endangered or have gone extinct.

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“And then you have in the very foreground,” Horowitz chillingly continued, “the human beings who are extinct. They lie in open coffins. And who do you see there but the black woman dressed in native African attire representing the black people in the world, but particularly Africa. In the center, you have the native North American, representing the extinct Indian populations.

“Then you have the right-hand coffin, also open, where you see a white woman, blonde hair, likely blue-eyed. On her chest, there’s a Star of David painted, and there is a Bible with a cross. She represents the Judeo-Christian woman.

“It strikes me that here you have the black people, the native North Americans, and the Jews and Christians represented as extinct species. These are the targeted populations, primarily because these are the covenanted or spiritually blessed populations. I mean, heavily spiritually blessed. You have people refer to black people as having ‘soul.’ They’re soul brothers, soul sisters. Well, there’s a spiritual blessing in black people, who are supposed to be the oldest people in the world, the most spiritually evolved people.

“And if you go to Africa today, like I did last year, you really come away with the good news, which is no matter how many of these people you kill, you can’t kill the spirit of the black populations, and you can’t kill the spirit of Africa.

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“And so there’s the native North Americans, who were so spiritual that they didn’t even conceive of owning property. It was all the Great Creator’s and a blessing just to steward while you’re here. And finally you have the Jews and the Christians, who are the covenanted people from the Old and New Testaments. You’ve got these covenanted and highly spiritually evolved beings being the central focus of the genocide.”

But amidst the atmosphere of doom and gloom that Horowitz has spent so much time writing and lecturing about, he perceives a ray of hope.

“There’s an extraordinary increase in the Divine spirit,” he said, “being poured out into humanity right now, as is exactly stated in the Bible would happen in the End Times. And I say the End Times because virtually every current day prophet has been saying that these are the End Times. When you reflect on the Book of Revelation, it talks there about the weather changes and the dramatic catastrophes in terms of the environmental changes. You’ve got the super-storms, the floods, the droughts happening in many cases. Of course, we believe that this is all manipulated by the global system and the electromagnetic frequency generators, such as the Project HAARP in Alaska and it’s counterpart, EISCAT, in Europe.

“But the spiritual renaissance was promised to facilitate a paradigm shift away from this horrific scenario of enslavement to a complete spiritual freeing of the people who have the open heart to receive that full anointing and that full spiritual blessing. That’s the good news, and that’s what I see happening.”

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Horowitz feels that this is a blessed truth that the New World Order works very hard to deny.

“They would never want humanity to know the truth,” he said, “about who they are as genetically empowered, spiritually empowered, blessed human beings, because if they knew that, they wouldn’t be popping magic pills to cure every ill and they wouldn’t be tuning into television to get their entertainment. We’d probably be in meditation, prayer and communion with the Creator as well as each other on a real heart level. We wouldn’t be directed by deceptions.

“And so that’s the spiritual renaissance that’s talking place in so many people. All you have to do is say a couple of words to people, look them in the eye, and see the light shining there. Within a couple of minutes, you’ve realized that you’ve just had a synchronous experience of an important person coming into your life for an important reason. That’s what’s happening over and over again in my life and many of my friends’ lives. We’re celebrating that now. We’re not just talking about it, we’re actually celebrating it. And we’re putting together alternative sovereign communities, spiritual, loving communities, and we’re building these types of models for a global paradigm shift.

“And we just simply ask,” Horowitz concluded, “for as much public support as you can possibly give to everyone who’s engaged in truth seeking and truth telling and ultimately paradigm shifting.”

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An Interview With Dr. Leonard Horowitz By Sean Casteel

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