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Ingo Piepers: In 2020, the Third World War will begin and will last 16 years

According to the calculations of the military mathematician, and in the past, Marine Corps Officer Ingo Piepers, in 2020 the Third World War will inevitably begin, as a series of minor conflicts reached its peak.

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Over the course of four centuries, several major battles took place: the thirty-year war of 1618-1648, the Napoleonic wars of 1792-1815. and two world wars.

In each case, before the big conflicts, small ones were growing and at some point a peak was reached.

Piepers claims in his monograph “Warning 2020” that people are on the “finish line” of the fifth cycle. According to the man, the war will last about 16 years.

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Peepers himself participated in the war in Sarajevo, so he knows these processes. He studied all the major battles and deduced patterns, which he double-checked several times.

Ingo found the 4 cycles that occur on the same pattern. In all cases, at first there was a relatively stable period, then tension grew again. After a big battle, a new world order was established.

The premise for starting a new war is the assassination of General Kassem Soleimani. In the past everything also began like this: a major player was killed, as a result, minor wars grew into one large-scale one.

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