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Indian Air Force hasn’t shared details of UFO over airport

The mystery surrounding the unidentified flying object seen over Imphal airport continues, which caused the airspace to be temporarily closed and flights to be suspended for more than three hours, reports

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According to a source from the Airports Authority of India, the object disappeared from the sky after sunset and has not reappeared since.

A source in the Airports Authority of India said the object, which vanished from the sky after sunset, had not re-appeared, and the IAF was investigating. Some reports indicated that it may have been a drone, but defense officials and AAI did not confirm it.

“It was suspected to be a drone or a balloon. But IAF has not shared any investigation details with us. It may be submitted to the Union civil aviation ministry directly,” said an official of Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, Imphal.

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Three outbound flights were halted at Imphal airport during the air space closure time, while two flights, coming towards Imphal, were diverted to Guwahati and Kolkata respectively.

A source said the size of the object was so small that the airport radar could not detect any signal from it.

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