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Incredible muscular giant sized Bigfoot filmed in Idaho

A few days ago, on the YouTube channel “Nv Tv”, which publishes videos with probable yeti and other bigfoots, a recording of incredibly good quality for such things appeared (see below), where the yeti was filmed very close and in full growth.

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This video is a bit like the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, which is considered to be the highest quality and most believable video.

The video captures something large, humanoid, hairy and massive, with clearly visible muscles throughout the body. The creature moves slowly in a wooded area.

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The video recording is actually quite short, in the presented video it is simply repeated many times, including with slowing down and enlarging, but in fact the author filmed this creature for only a few seconds.

As for the author, this is the main problem. There is no indication as to who filmed this video, under what circumstances, or when. It is only indicated that it was filmed in the state of Idaho (USA).

First of all, if it is a fake, then it is a very high quality fake. To create such a good costume can only be done by special effects cinematographers.

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Secondly, if this is a fake, then the “actor” worked not only on the image, but also on the movements, it is noted that there is nothing deliberately monkey in his gait, the creature moves confidently and evenly.

Maybe in the next few days more information will appear on this video, while you can only accept or not accept its authenticity.

Wait for updates – we will definitely inform you if new information appears.

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