Increased UFO activity on Popocatepetl volcano

One of the most unusual ufological places on the planet has long been considered the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl.

All sorts of “luminous spheres” are so regular there that the locals no longer even pay attention to them and the volcano gets into the media only after giant glowing rods appear there, which fly into the mountain and fly out of it. And recently these “rods” have somehow become suspiciously activated.

December 28, 2020, slow-motion video:

January 5, 2021:

January 3, 2021:

Popocatepetl is, of course, a huge mystery both for anthropologists studying the strange legends about this volcano, and for ufologists.

From time to time these “rods” are seen everywhere, but here they have some favorite meeting place. Perhaps, under the volcano the extraterrestrials really have some kind of base, perhaps the volcano is a kind of portal from where the “rods” come.

It is also possible that all this speculation about portals and bases is inspired by primitive science fiction films and reflects reality no more than fairy tales.

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