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Strange lights

Incomprehensible glow in the water captured in Northern Ireland

Strange lightsA resident of the coastal city of Bangor in Northern Ireland witnessed a mysterious phenomenon last week. During the evening walk, a woman suddenly noticed in the surface of the bay a couple of incomprehensible bright lights, shining with a reddish light. Resident, who came to a great surprise, pulled out a mobile phone and captured the alleged anomaly on the gadget’s camera.

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According to the witnesses, the lights blinked periodically for no reason at all. She could not understand the source of this mysterious light, no matter how hard she tried.

Having posted the video to the Facebook social network, the Irish woman also noted that it could not have been divers with lanterns, since there were no traces of them on the coast, and there were no boats nearby either.

Interestingly, a mysterious glow arose shortly after Bangor enveloped the “strange” fog. If you believe the locals, the smoke came as if from nowhere and landed on the city almost in the blink of an eye.

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Of course, no one has ever seen anything like it here, and the woman assures that if it were the usual lights on the sea, she probably would not have paid any attention to them, since at that moment she was busy with her thoughts and concerns.

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