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In three years, the British reported nearly 2,000 UFO sightings to the police

UK police are failing to adequately check and process the numerous reports of sightings of strange flying objects and aliens by the public.

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According to British media, police stations have received 1,805 such reports over the past three years, averaging about two reports daily, where individuals either called or visited the police to share their UFO or alien encounters.

The details of these reports are typically not disclosed, but they commonly feature terms like “UFO,” “aliens,” “spaceship,” or “UAP” (unidentified aerial phenomenon).

Only one specific example has reached the press, involving a man reporting four flashing lights hovering over his house and witnessing a woman being taken into the sky. However, no further details about this incident were provided to journalists.

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West Yorkshire Police has faced particular challenges due to budget cuts amid a surge in ufological reports. The force claims that investigating these messages is financially burdensome.

The increasing population of Great Britain, attributed in part to migrant influx, has led to efforts to boost the number of police officers, but this expansion is still insufficient.

Chief Constable John Robins of West Yorkshire Police highlighted in June that the force has experienced a reduction of 2,000 officers and a budget decrease of £140 million since 2010.

Adequate investigation of each reported case requires not only financial resources but also time. A police spokesman noted that to determine potential connections between incidents, a detailed analysis would be necessary, taking more than 60 hours if each incident is given approximately two minutes for review.

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“To determine whether these incidents are linked to the alleged sightings, we would need to analyze each incident in detail. At approximately two minutes per recording, this would take more than 60 hours,” a police spokesman said.

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