In the waters of New Zealand, divers stumbled upon a ten-meter monster

pyrosomeAlmost fifty kilometers from the mainland, divers noticed a huge creature ten meters long, which was compared to a plastic bag that stretched tens of meters. Discovery made by Andrew Battle and Steve Hathaway.

As the men said, something stretched, then narrowed. It looked surreal. Men have not been able to explain what was observed, so the scientists came to help them.

According to experts, in the waters of New Zealand, divers could photograph colonies of marine organisms called pyrosomes.


These creatures can form such pipes, like a single body. It is noteworthy that it is almost impossible to meet pyros, only a few cases of contact with them are known. Pyrosomes feed on plankton, which is filtered by special organs.

These creatures are distinguished by their thermophilicity; therefore, they live exclusively in tropical waters. In addition, a mandatory condition of existence is the salinity of water at the level of 35%.

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