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In the US state of Oregon recorded a case of “Cattle mutilation”

The phenomenon of “cattle mutilation” is associated with genetic experiments conducted by aliens, when with the help of very advanced technologies, reproductive and other organs are removed from animals.

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At some point, such cases have become rare, but recently there has been a new surge in such cases.

Over the past three months, seven mutilated animals have been found at a ranch in Crook County in central Oregon. In most cases, the genitals, tongue, and eyes of a dead animal are excised cleanly and bloodlessly. Moreover, the organs are removed from the still living animal, which is apparently conscious, but paralyzed.

These cases are identical to those. when in 2019 in Harney County, five bulls were found with their genitals and tongues removed.

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In recent years, there have also been cases of “cattle mutilation” in Vasco, Umatilla, Wheeler and Lake counties. There have also been reported cases in Arizona.

Similar incidents of mutilation of livestock and even moose and deer occurred periodically throughout the country, and in the 1970s, a series of mutilations of livestock in the West and Midwest of the United States caused fear and panic among residents in rural areas.

Thousands of cattle and other livestock from Minnesota to New Mexico have been found dead with their reproductive organs removed, and sometimes their cheeks, eyes, or ears removed.

However, for the entire time since the first recorded “cattle mutilation”, which occurred back in the 1960s, and despite the fact that the FBI was involved in the investigation of these cases, the investigation failed to establish the culprit of these atrocities,

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Meanwhile, according to ufologists, this is not surprising, given the fact that the culprits are aliens flying on UFOs inaccessible to the police.

Farmers and pastoralists in their testimony mention that shortly before the discovery of dead animals, they saw strange lights in the sky or rays of light, or unusual silent aircraft, but the police do not take these testimonies seriously, or at least pretend they do not.

However, these cases are not limited to the United States alone. Similar “injuries” are recorded all over the world, but for some reason, the authorities of all countries are trying to “ignore the problem.”

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