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In the office, the activity of the poltergeist scared the employee

A surveillance camera installed in an office building in Colombia captured (see video below) an alleged poltergeist phenomenon that frightened a worker.

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A mysterious incident occurred last week in the Colombian city of Medellin. That evening, a man named David Pineda stayed up late at work and was the only person in the room.

At some point, his coffee mug rolled on its own across the table and fell to the floor. Pineda jumped up and looked at the fragments of the mug in bewilderment, and then took a mop and began to clean up.

At that moment, the empty chair, which was standing a little distance away, turned by itself. This was the last straw for Pineda. He took a picture of the chair with his phone and then stormed out of the office like a bullet.

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“I was trying to find a logical explanation, but after watching the video, a chill ran down my spine,” says Pineda, adding that he no longer wants to work late and be alone in the office.

According to Pineda, their building, which is almost a hundred years old, may be inhabited by something otherworldly and many stories are associated with it.

He said that when his mug fell, he at first thought that he himself had put it too close to the edge of the table, but when the chair began to move on its own, he realized that something strange was going on here.

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Insisting that he did not believe in ghosts, the young man admitted that this incident “really scared” him.

Skeptical netizens suggested that either Pineda had been played by his colleague in this way, or that he himself had set up this prank.

On the other hand, Pineda said that he was not at all happy when the video of him made the national news in his country, and stated that “Colombia’s journalistic priorities scare me more than possible ghosts in the office.”

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