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In the 50s, the Air Force wanted to tell everything about UFOs

In 1958, Mike Wallace, a renowned journalist, interviewed Major Donald Keyhoe, a former Marine Corps aviator and a prominent UFO researcher. The interview, which can be watched below, exposed the Air Force’s contradictory and secretive stance on UFOs in the 1950s.

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According to Keyhoe, the Air Force had evidence that UFOs were real and extraterrestrial, and was planning to disclose this information to the public in 1952 and 1953. However, something changed their mind and they decided to suppress the truth and discredit the witnesses.

Keyhoe claimed that he had access to confidential sources and documents that confirmed the existence and origin of UFOs. He also challenged Wallace to ask the Air Force for a direct answer on the matter.

The interview was a rare and candid glimpse into the UFO phenomenon at a time when it was highly controversial and taboo. It showed that Keyhoe was a credible and honest investigator who was not afraid to confront the authorities and demand transparency.

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The interview also resonated with the current situation, as the U.S. government is once again facing pressure to reveal what it knows about UFOs.

The recent release of official reports and videos has sparked renewed interest and speculation about the mystery that has been haunting us for decades.

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You can watch the interview in full below:

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