In September, an asteroid will fly to Earth, which can cause acid rain

AsteroidAccording to scientists, around September 9, an asteroid 2006 QV89 the size of a football field will approach our planet.

The cosmic body will not fall to the Earth, but it will have a negative impact on it, the object may cause acid rain.

The danger lurks in the asteroid’s “plume”: the “tail” may contain acid particles that are attracted by the Earth’s magnetic field. As a result, the deadly cargo will be delivered to the surface of our planet. People will have to escape the torrential acid rain.

If this happens, the atmosphere will begin to rapidly disappear oxygen (it will be absorbed). About a week later, the first signs of destruction of the land cover will appear.

The acid will destroy all vegetation, melt the organic tissues of people and animals.

No, asteroid 2006 QV89 will not hit the Earth in September, but it can be dangerous due to acid rain. We hope for a better outcome.

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