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In Peru, 33 sheep were mysteriously killed

At the end of August, in a rural area of ​​Peru, someone or something very brutally massacred 33 adult sheep and lambs.

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The authorities blame the puma, and the locals blame the Chupacabra and aliens. On the night of August 29, in the Peruvian province of Chincheros, in the district of Ocobamba, two farmers at once found their sheep killed in a savage manner.

Each had a deep hole in its head, and the lambs had their eyes removed. Later it turned out that many sheep also had their rectum removed.

First, farmer Emelia Ruiz Santos found 16 of her sheep lying dead on the ground outside the paddock where they had been at night.

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Then another farmer, Segundina Quispe de Palomino, found 14 of her sheep killed in the same way.

Following complaints to the authorities, members of the Okobamba police station and civil defense officers from the municipality of Okobamba arrived in the area.

Coordination was carried out with the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) to assess the condition of the carcasses of the sheep and find out the details of the cause of their death.

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Okobamba County Mayor Henry Vilches Arango said the incident had a profound effect on the local population. He also confirmed that all the sheep had no wounds on their bodies other than holes in their heads.

“More than thirty sheep were killed at dawn. The reasons are still unknown. This situation has never actually happened in our area and it shocked the entire population,” he said.

Among the villagers, the news spread like wildfire and many began to blame the chupacabra – a mysterious predator that attacks animals and sucks their blood.

Others drew attention to the similarity of what happened in Okobamba with the phenomenon of cattle mutilation .

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Both here and there, the eyes and anus are often removed from animals.

Later, Senasa representatives said that they examined the carcasses of the sheep and concluded that they did not die due to any disease, but due to the attack of a wild animal, probably a cougar.

“Lambs show traumatic brain injuries (holes) and anal lesions, as well as eye injuries (torn out), presumably caused by aggression or external injury from a wild animal (cougar), which are found in the Andean highlands near the said area.”

Cougars are indeed found in the area and have repeatedly attacked local pets in the past. But usually after their attacks on the bodies of animals, numerous traces of claws and fangs are found, and not a single puncture in the skull, as in this case.

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At the same time, representatives of Senasa did not say anything about how a cougar or other local predator removed the brains from sheep through this puncture.

And another expert even suggested that the wounds were inflicted by dogs. It was also reported that 4 adult sheep were not found dead or alive, and it is likely that “wild animals dragged their bodies to their lairs.”

The corpses of the killed sheep and lambs were buried in a special separate sanitary burial ground shortly after the examination.

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  1. Its not Chupacabra. its not Panther or Puma, its not wild animal. Its always EBE with their UAP flying vehicles, come dead of night, beam down group of sheep, put them in paralysis animation, levitate into their space craft, take them back to their HQ located underground, conduct their Biological Genetic Hybrid Experiments, drain all animal of their BLOOD, surgically remove all genital organ, eyes, brains, rectal cavities, then go back to same location, lower their dead corpse body back to same area where they sleeping. Its always the work of EVIL EBEs who slaughter animals so they can consume body parts for their daily feeding consumption!

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