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In newly discovered footage, “Bigfoot” is seen near Provo

In footage shot back in 2019, a strange creature was seen wandering across the icy foothills of Utah.

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Austin Craig and his pals witnessed the sighting near Northeast Provo, when they saw what they believed to be a big hominid monster walking up the mountain.

“You can’t just see something that’s maybe a once in a century discovery and go do your nine to five job,” he told Fox News. “You got to go look for fur, or footprints, or some kind of evidence.”

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Craig and his companions hiked up into the hills to search for signs of the creature, and a video team accompanied them, as seen in a local news program that was broadcast at the time (and that can be seen here).

“That is exactly where I saw the quote, unquote Sasquatch, and you guys put together aren’t even as close to as wide or as tall as it was,” he said as they reached the location of the sighting.

“Was it a bear? Maybe. That’s plausible. Was it a person? Also plausible.”

“Was it something else? I think that’s also possible. Who knows?”

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Dr. Eric Rickart, who was later interviewed by reporter Amanda Jerry at Utah’s Natural History Museum, expressed doubt about the footage and remained sure that Bigfoot probably didn’t exist.

“There are lots of things to discover, particularly in the natural world, but they don’t take the form of giant apes running around in largely settled areas of the world,” he said.

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