In Moscow a man went to his apartment and mysteriously disappeared

A very strange story, full of mystery, happened the other day in the city of Kashira, Moscow region. An old man mysteriously disappeared there.

At the same time, a video surveillance camera was installed on his stairwell, which recorded that the man entered the apartment and did not leave it. However, when the son of the missing person entered this apartment, he found that no one was there.

According to Moscow Region Today, the last time Sergei Ponkratov, the missing person, spoke with his son on April 12. His son Ilya Ponkratov says that it was Palm Sunday and that his father went to church that day, took communion. He was a very religious person, did not drink alcohol and did not smoke.

All that day Ilya talked with his father through a messenger, and around midnight they said goodbye and went to bed, after which Ilya’s father did not get in touch anymore.

On Monday morning, Ilya, as usual, sent his father a message “Good morning!”, But it turned out to be unread. And subsequent messages too. The alarmed son began to call his father on his cell phone, but no one answered.

On Tuesday, Ilya decided to come to his father from Moscow to Kashira. Apparently no one answered the doorbell either, so Ilya opened his father’s apartment door with his key.

He found that his father’s smartphone was lying on the couch, that the computer and crock-pot were turned on, but there was nobody in the apartment itself. At the same time, Ilya especially emphasizes that his father always turned off electrical appliances when he left the apartment.

The strangest thing was when Ilya looked at the recording from the surveillance camera that he once installed in front of the door to his father’s apartment.

On the night of April 13 Sergei Ponkratov left the apartment somewhere, but returned to it at about 4 a.m., closed the door behind him and did not go outside anymore.

In the apartment, Ilya discovered that his father’s black backpack, jeans, gray jacket and baseball cap were missing. His father was in these clothes and with this backpack when he returned to the apartment.

The version that Sergei Ponkratov could get out through the window is not even considered, he lived high enough and the windows were tightly closed. At the same time, Ilya assures that his father was in excellent physical and mental health.

According to Ilya, the police are now investigating this strange disappearance. But they, too, cannot yet understand what happened.

“They said that it seems that dad went to the apartment and immediately dematerialized,” says Ilya.

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