In Mexico, the Chupacabra is suspected of a series of strange attacks on goats and sheep

Farmers in the town of Tambola, in the municipality of Atlahuilco, Mexico, are complaining en masse that their sheep and goats are being brutally killed by some unknown creature.

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The animals have two deep punctures in their necks, some have their eyes removed, or even their heads are completely torn off.

The nature of the injuries does not resemble an attack by known local predators and no one even tried to eat the killed goats and sheep.

Local residents unanimously blame the Chupacabra – a mythical monster that allegedly pierces the neck of animals with its long and sharp fangs and then drinks their blood. Officially, eight animals are known to have been killed over the past week, but some sources write about dozens.

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“We’re all worried because we all have small livestock. People say it’s a chupacabra and I remember a few years ago the same thing happened here and then it just stopped,” says a resident of the nearby town.

According to him, then government officials conducted a thorough investigation and suggested that it could be a predator of the cat family, but they did not find anything in favor of this version.

Someone also assumed that some bandits were sneaking around at night and taking blood from animals to then sell it for unclear purposes, but there was no evidence of this either.

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Meanwhile, residents of the region say similar strange attacks on goats and sheep occurred in the neighboring communities of Capultitla and Eyitepec last year.

It is especially interesting that the owners of the dead animals from Tambola say that all the attacks occurred not at night, but in daylight. That in the morning they saw their animals alive, but in the afternoon they were already dead.

Daytime attacks are very uncharacteristic of both cats and dogs. Farmers are begging the authorities to take action to capture the unknown predator, fearing that people may soon suffer from it. They have now placed all their goats and sheep in covered pens that are well lit with lanterns at night.

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