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In Mexico, chupacabra was accused of killing a 56-year-old man

ChupacabraIn Mexico, residents found a taxi driver torn to pieces. The event caused a real panic among the locals, because it is not known which animal could have killed a person like that.

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The incident forced residents to demand from local authorities to close schools until they caught the beast. The body of 56-year-old Melchor Anselmo Delgado was found on March 1.

The man decided on his day off to visit the house on the shores of Lake Avandaro in the town of Valle de Bravo. In the end, he did not return home.

The Melchor family first discovered a jacket, and then parts of a relative. The body had a large number of stab wounds. They were clearly applied with teeth and claws.

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The police confirmed that most likely the man was killed by a mysterious animal.

According to some versions, a pack of dogs could have killed, only the wounds didn’t look like dog bites. Some wounds were from 7 cm long claws.

The doubts of the relatives of the deceased were confirmed by a hired expert. He noted that the wounds are similar to those left by lions or tigers. None of the listed animals live in Mexico.

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Locals believe that chupacabra killed a man. The one who allegedly met this beast spoke of huge claws and aggression.

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