In Mexico, a mysterious predator exsanguinated more than 70 animals

Chupacabra“It was not a dog, but something huge,” was the headline in the Mexican newspaper El Mexicano last week. The article described as a farmer from the city of Ciudad – Juarez, Chihuahua, reports the discovery of more than 70 brutally killed chickens and sheeps.

The animals were not just mutilated, but their bodies were completely devoid of blood and no traces of blood were found near the bodies.

On the evening of March 28, farmer Don Simplicio Martinez found 20 of his sheep dead and mutilated. There was not a single drop of blood in their carcasses and everything was also clean next to the bodies. Including there were no traces of the alleged predator.

A couple of weeks later, an unidentified predator, climbed onto a two-meter chicken coop, unbent the wire mesh and killed 51 chickens. The blood from all the chickens was gone, and the bodies were untouched.

“Either the predator jumped there from the ground, or flew through the air,” says the farmer, who managed to hear a noise and come running, but too late.

However, Martinez managed to notice in the dark the silhouette of a mysterious predator and then realized that it would be difficult to cope with him even with the help of a machete. According to him, this creature is much larger in size than a dog, completely black and looks like a hyena.

Martinez came to these places in 1985 with the dream of his own farm, but two years ago someone got into the habit of coming and killing his animals. Then he found seven of his sheep dead, and some time later someone killed 40 laying hens. However, this year the predator was much more active.

According to Martinez, three evil dogs live on his farm, but they all turned out to be very scared of the night predator.

Martinez vehemently denies it could be stray dogs. He says that the dogs grab the victim by the legs, and then bite at different places on the body. And this predator purposefully bites into the jugular vein and then sucks blood. And he is extremely careful.

“And the sheep had wounds in the shape of triangles in place of the jugular vein, which is not at all like the bite of the fangs. It is a mysterious predator, who can suck the blood of 20 sheep at a time!”, says Martinez.

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