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Sea creature

In Japan, the ferry collided with an unidentified sea creature

Sea creatureThe strange incident that happened on a weekend in Japan serves as another reminder that the oceans are still full of all sorts of elusive mysterious living things.

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On Saturday, March 9, a ferry carrying people in the Sea of Japan near Sado Island collided with some very large sea creature.

80 people suffered from this collision, including 13 were seriously injured. The ferry itself got a crack 15 cm long, and also damaged the underwater wings.

Because of the collision, there was such a sharp push that the passengers flew from their seats and many received such serious injuries as fractures. The media talked about the alleged collision with a whale, but in fact there is no evidence that it was a whale. According to the Coast Guard report, it could be a whale or something else.

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The fact is that if it were a whale, he could hardly have sailed far and would have been discovered soon. But in the area, no one saw any whales.

The collision occurred at about 12 o’clock in the afternoon and for some reason none of the passengers and crew members of the ferry saw what exactly the vessel was facing.

The vessel followed from the port of Niigata at a speed of 80 km per hour. After the collision, the authorities tried to find the alleged whale, but found no one. Also in the water were not found traces of blood or pieces of flesh from the alleged damage, which could get the whale from a collision.

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According to some rumors, the ferry could collide with a submarine or even with a giant squid, which most likely immediately went to the depth and then was not found.

In 2015, a very large squid, almost 4 meters long, was photographed in shallow water off the coast of Toyama Prefecture. Which is very close to the very port of Niigata.

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