In Japan, allowed to grow hybrids of humans and animals

Japanese scientists have received permission to grow human organs in animal bodies, which in fact is permission to create hybrids of animals and humans.

Initially, the experiment will be conducted on rodents, in the body of which human stem cells will be added. If the experiment is successful, it involves much larger mammals, mainly pigs.

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Experts in scientific ethics are thrilled by this news and say that there may be problems with the control of such activities and that due to the introduction of human cells into the bodies of animals, humanization of the animal can occur, up to the point that its brain will be more developed and it will arise consciousness, like a person.

The controversial project was created for people standing in line for transplantation of kidneys, liver, lungs and other important organs.

Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi, head of research at Tokyo University, has been waiting for permission for these experiments for many years. In his opinion, their achievements really allow you to grow, for example, the pancreas of a person in the body of an animal. And after transplant it to the patient.

Regarding fears that the animals can humanize, Nakauchi said that everything would be tracked and that the hybrid would be destroyed if his brain developed at least 30% in a human way.

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  1. The mixing of plant , animal, and human species is abominable. The intelligences coming out of the human organ being developed within an animal will bear the signatures of that animal in the human once he or she uses it. It will be a mongrelized application of the process at best. There will remain no purity in the human race in the least degree at that point.

  2. Every living entity has consciousness , sadly science has no morals or ethic’s in this field .. All they seek is glory no matter who or what may pay the price …

  3. Things will backfire when the Rabbit’s got the gun….SMH
    What a MOCKERY!

  4. Pretty awesome but do you want zombies? thats
    how you get zombies :)

  5. This is totally against natural law. I don’t understand, why Japanese scientists would want to do that, it doesn’t make sense 🤔 Japanese scientists exalt themselves as much as superiors so why do they not invest in the creation of artificial organs? Crossbreeding between species is against the law of logic and against natural law

  6. And who said animals don’t have the level of our consciousness? And if we do, why do we cause more harm than any animal? Animals have a mind and should like we do. Some animals see better, others hear, better and some smell better than humans, some can fly, run faster,… People are incapable to understand animal language, although they studied it for generations. Animals understand people better, even single words and emotions faster in their short lives.

    Animals don’t harm the planet and fulfill a purpose for nature. Humans mainly destroy everything.

    If humans left this planet, nature would thrive and rehabilitate itself shortly. If only one species of animals is destroyed, nature becomes out of balance… And this is happening and humans don’t get that they cannot help nature by influencing and fighting against or without it.

    Scientists might feel smart, but they are missing the bigger picture.


  8. Totally unacceptable….creating freaks of nature is barbaric….

  9. this is dreadful inhumane and cruel beyond belief

  10. Another illustration of human interferring with God’s hand. The approval of experiments will call God’s wrath upon the city.

  11. Can anyone tell me what that is suppose to be a picture of?
    Google doesn’t know.

    My best guess is a seal with medical problems.
    But it is certainly NOT some kind of Pig/Human hybrid.

  12. With the money and means these smartass doctors should figure another way to grow and harvest organs. Or perhaps they are the real dumbass of this situation

    • Why are we allowing this to happen? This is unacceptable. They are going to develop human-animal hybrid being’s harvest their organs and “destroy” (murder) any of them that are advanced enough to be aware of what is happening to them? Would you let them do this to your beloved pets? How about your children? I’m ashamed to live in this era as a human being. Clearly all human as are not the same because the ones who agree to this are NOT living the way nature has so beautifully created for us all… the thought of torturing animals and people so others may live after their time to go sickens me, and also repulses me to the point of overwhelming sadness. These humans conducting these experiments are nothing but well-funded monsters claiming to act in the best interests of revolutionary scientific discoveries… For shame!

  13. Animals already have a concious, every living thing does, humans are no exception to this. So why create a lide only to kill it later. Maybe find anither way to grow organs instead of using this method which is a peversion of nature…

  14. What thé hell they don’t realize what they’re starting if beasts come smarter dan us we will be thé hunter and them thé chaser

  15. insanity takes another step forward. why men intervene in nature??

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