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In England, a 10ft mysterious humanoid dismembered deer on road

A very strange incident happened a few days ago in North Lincolnshire, England, near the Humberside Airport.

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According to local media, at first this incomprehensible tall creature was seen by a local elderly couple, who then told about it to researchers of paranormal phenomena Lee Solway and Finch McFinch.

Finch went to the area in the evening to check the report and when he was driving along the A18 highway not far from the airport, he himself saw a black very tall human-like creature running. It was at least 10 feet tall (3 meters).

McFinch immediately shared what he saw with his partner and the next evening they both again went to the same area and carefully examined the surroundings in the place where the humanoid was noticed.

Two deer legs in the road close to where creature was spotted (Image: Hull Daily Mail WS)
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First of all, they discovered a large hole that someone made in a living fence on the edge of the road, and then suddenly stumbled upon a deer’s legs, which were lying on the side of the road very close to the place where they saw the humanoid.

The “Old Stinker” is a famous tale of Hull and East Yorkshire folklore, a half-man half-dog creature mostly seen stalking the area around Barmston Drain, near Beverley.

It was even reportedly seen eating a dog before being spooked by the onlookers and jumping over an 8ft fence with it still in its mouth.

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