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In case of death of mankind: “Black Box of the Earth” will be installed in Australia

On the island of Tasmania, in the near future, researchers are going to build a structure of steel, in which they will put all the information regarding how climate change is occurring and how exactly our planet is gradually approaching a real disaster.

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This huge structure is going to be called the “Black Box of the Earth”. For its construction, hard drives powered by solar panels will be used. They will include scientific data on the state of the climate, as well as how the extinction of plants and animals will occur.

Additionally, experts plan to add information about environmental pollution so that descendants can find out what happened to the planet.

The authors of the project note that if measures are not taken in the near future, then it is climate change that will provoke the death of all mankind.

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The “Black Box of the Earth” will contain all the necessary data that will allow future generations to find out everything that happened on the planet before their birth.

The project is handled by the marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, as well as the creative agency Glue Society from Australia.

Installation of the structure is scheduled for early next year. Today, specialists are engaged in beta testing of hard drives and collecting information necessary for the implementation of the project.

Jim Curtis notes that this will help descendants to understand what mistakes we have made and what should not be done, so that a catastrophe does not arise again that can provoke the death of a huge number of living organisms on Earth.

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