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In Arizona, the video recorder filmed a ghost on the road

In Arizona, USA, a truck’s DVR captured something very strange, like a ghostly figure of a man.

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This incident happened on March 11, 2023 at 2:30 am while the truck was moving along SR 87. As the truck passed the 200 mile mark, what appeared to be whitish human legs appeared on the right side of the road.

As the truck approached, a translucent body appeared, but the car passed before the head could be seen on the body.

This mysterious figure was not just filmed by the DVR, it was observed by the driver himself. William Church was driving along a section of the road between Phoenix and Payson and at that moment there were no other cars at all.

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“It was just standing on the road when I drove by. It seems that you could see the road lines through the legs, which then formed a figure,” he says.

Many speculated that it could be the ghost of someone who had previously died in an accident on this road and there have been many such people over the years, since SR 87 is one of the state’s main highways.

“I absolutely believe Hwy 79 from Florence to Oracle Junction is active. Around mile marker 126 four times I have seen the same “person” heading toward Florence. It’s a male with some sort of coveralls on. This thing never gets any closer to Florence. It just hangs around the 126 marker area,” wrote one commenter.

But there were other versions.

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“What native Americans call a “Coyote”, or shape shifter. I have a few times of seeing them literally in the middle of nowhere. More than once I had passengers as witness to what I saw,” second commenter added.

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